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Project Description

The Rite Of Trio

The Rite of Trio is a Jazz Jambacore trio that got together to change the spherical configuration of Planet Earth.
The Rite of Trio is the metaphor of life.

The Rite of Trio is a special musical collaboration between André Silva, Filipe Louro and Pedro Melo Alves.
Coming out of the sounds, attitude and concepts of erudite music – such as Stravinsky and Ligeti – progressive/punk bands – such as Lounge Lizards, The Mars Volta or Dream Theater – or contemporary jazz such as Adam Lane, Craig Taborn or John Hollenbeck – this is also a full metaphor for life – infinitely chaotic and complex yet powerful and full of love and humor.
The trio’s debut album GETTING ALL THE EVIL OF THE PISTON COLLAR! was released in 2015 through Carimbo Porta-Jazz and figures among and JazzLogical’s album choices for 2015.


“The Rite of Trio play what they describe as ‘jazzjambacore,’ and if nobody in the audience knew what that meant, then they were in no doubts by the time the sweat-drenched musicians left the stage an hour later, having played music from their debut album Getting All The Evil of The Piston Colllar!
Jazz-style progressions played with the intensity of a rock band alternated with more delicate, swinging passages; groove bled into knotty time signatures; the straight-ahead guitar, at the flick of a pedal, made way for echo-drenched, woozy psychedelic soundscapes more akin to a space-rock outfit; air-tight rhythmic lines giving way to eruptions from the drum kit where Alves’ intensity was evocative of Ginger Baker or John Bonham.
And that was just the first song.”
– Ian Patterson, All About Jazz
(about their performance at 12 Points Festival)