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Project Description

Pedro Melo Alves

Drummer and composer Pedro Melo Alves, born 1991 in Porto, is one of the faces of an unsettled new generation of musicians in Portugal, avid for something more, yet unknown.

His music explores influences naturally deriving from a broad aesthetic horizon, crossing both light and erudite music with performing and visual arts. His projects reflect his background in improvised music, composition and electronics and are characterized by a certain fragility and risk-taking, on his quest to discover ancient and primary influences, a ground zero in which anything is, in fact, possible.

Pedro is the drummer and composer of Omniae Ensemble, The Rite of Trio and Caos, having been awarded with the Bernardo Sassetti composition award in 2016 and distinguished as the National Musician of the Year in 2017 by


Solo, Pedro Melo Alves brings a sensorial narrative of percussion and electronics surrounding the word.

Searching for a vivid and present flow, the composer embraces a plastic relationship of fragmentation, fusion and metamorphosis of the sinuous and disturbing borders that reveal the frailty of ego and control. Presence and absence, identity and dissipation, reality and virtuality, solitude and collectivity.
The visceral speech of percussion and voice feeds this abstract sphere of clashes. Fracture and boom.
In the end, maybe the dissolution of control and the meeting of all, in one.

Percussion, electronics and musical composition – Pedro Melo Alves


Pedro Melo Alves is available for workshops on composing and electroacustial music and drumming.


“(…) one of the most promising musical minds that showed up in Portugal on the last years.”
João Esteves da Silva, 2017

“(…) great musical maturity, strong aesthetic and artistical concept and an unusual instrumental mastership.”
Sérgio Carolino, 2017

“(…) Pedro Alves has a bold writing, that surprises and challenges us. As a composer he demonstrates a certain kind of courage that causes me great admiration.”
Mário Laginha, 2017

“Pedro Alves’ drumming stood out right from the beginning. Not only for the versatility of employed resources but mostly for the precision with which he intervened in each moment – for the minutia and care for detail.”
Nuno Catarino (, 2017


2017 – National Artist of the Year (

2016 – Composition Award — Prémio de Composição Bernardo Sassetti – 2ª Edição (Portugal)

2013 – Prémio Jovens Músicos 2nd place (ex-aequo, with no 1st given) – Jazz Combo category with the Eduardo Cardinho Quintet as a drummer/arranger

2007 – Solo Drums Award “Yamaha PMS” (Spain)