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Pedro Melo Alves’ Omniae Ensemble

Pedro Melo Alves was born 1991 in Porto/Portugal. The jazz drummer and composer started his musical career in rock/fusion projects before studying drums, jazz and classical piano and composition. Since then, he won various awards as musician (ensemble and solo) as well as composer in Portugal and Spain, including the Composition Award Bernardo Sassetti 2016, which resulted in recording his first album “Omniae Ensemble” as composer and bandleader, recorded 2017 with the newly founded Omniae Ensemble (Ensemble Portugal em Jazz 2016). The record is featuring his winning original compositions as well as arrangements of compositions by Bernardo Sassetti. He is one of the first artists to be signed and published by NISCHO, founded in 2017.

Pedro Melo Alves – Drums, Composition, Arrangements
José Soares – Saxophone
Gileno Santana – Trumpet
Xavi Sousa – Trombone
Diogo Martins – Piano
Mané Fernandes – Guitar
Filipe Louro – Double Bass


“This is thoughtful jazz, intellectual, open towards contributions from both contemporary classical and popular music. This is a kind of jazz that questions, inquires, that refuses to be normative, that explores.”
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – review by Rui Eduardo Paes (

“Alves was leading a septet that switched between perfect unisonos and moments of open improvisation, with music that has as much cerebral elements as moments of pleasure. This music thrives on the collective force, always focussed and always with high intensity.”


2016 – Composition Award — Prémio de Composição Bernardo Sassetti – 2ª Edição (Portugal)

2007 – Solo Drums Award “Yamaha PMS” (Spain)