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Rush – Mário Franco

The new album by Lisbon-based bass player and composer Mário Franco introduces an approach to jazz based on improvised music inspired by elements of rock music.
The intermittent use of both electronic and acoustic elements within the 5-piece band creates a new sound and a stunning suspense longing for release, similar to the need of escape from the rush of everyday life.

The album is released both digitally and as a special edition CD with 11 photographs, handpicked by the artist, one for every tune.

Mário Franco – double bass, electric bass, samples

Sérgio Pelágio – electric guitar

Óscar Graça – piano, electronics

Luís Figueiredo – rhodes, hammond organ, philicorda, other keyboards

Alexandre Frazão – drums, percussion



FNAC Portugal: Special Edition CD + 11 photographs:




“(…) the bass player Mário Franco is finishing the year with a new work in his own name that stands out from the national record panorama, also because this album is so different from the artist’s anterior activity in acoustic jazz and because it doesn´t have any references to his dedication to the baroque music repertoire. „Rush“ explores a different dimension, one that derived from his former collaboration with Sérgio Pelágio (Our Door, 2013), with a style influenced by rock and other urban music.

What makes this album so special is the fact that is it not passively sticking to a stylistic corset: it is neither simply jazz-rock or rock-jazz, nor an actualization called progressive rock or post-rock that finally discovered the love for jazz. Mário Franco is looking for different leads and is finding them, with intriguing compositional ideas that he and the other members of the quintet put into practice with a dedication and energy that deserves applause.”

– Rui Eduardo Paes ( ★ ★ ★ ★


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