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Project Description


João Barradas HOME – An End As A New Beginning

HOME – An End As A New Beginning is the second album of João Barradas, accordionist and rising star of the Portuguese jazz scene. After his celebrated debut album „Directions“, this album unfolds with a musical style somewhere between jazz, improvised music and rock where the passion for complex bars really shows.

Featuring exclusively the MIDI version of the accordion, this project became a home to new concepts in the rich musical universe of João Barradas – where an ending does not necessarily means to stop but instead creating the possibility for new beginnings.

The youth of the band translates to a very particular power on stage that becomes evident particularly during their live performances. Therefore this album is physically realeased as a special edition including both the studio album and exclusive video footage, recorded live at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon.

João Barradas (MIDI Accordion)
Mané Fernandes (Guitar)
Eduardo Cardinho (Vibraphone)
Gonçalo Neto (Guitar)
Ricardo Marques (Bass)
Guilherme Melo (Drums)





“After a brilliant debut with “Directions”, Barradas managed to construct a new distinct space, solid and remarkable, to explore new sonic horizons.”
– Nuno Catarino

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