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Project Description

João Mortágua

With his own very personal view of jazz, João Mortágua has rapidly established himself as one of the most complete and challenging modern-day saxophonists in Portugal. His elegant and unpretentious compositions offer space both for solo improvisation and mesmerizing group dynamics.

Porto-based saxophone player João Mortágua recorded his first album “Janela” in 2014 (Carimbo Porta Jazz). “Janela” has been his main project in the last years. It started as a piano quartet featuring pianist Alex Dahmen, but soon it developed into a guitar quartet sound landscape, with Miguel Moreira’s space effects joining Barbosa’s uplifting lines and Marrucho’s peculiar blending.

From then on, the band went playing twice a year at portuguese jazz festivals, improving their group language each six months, and finally becoming this year’s quintet (with José Pedro Coelho on tenor sax) with a new album called “DENTRO DA JANELA” soon to be released.

Since then, he played (and recorded) with Nuno Ferreira, Miguel Moreira, Iago Fernandez, Mané Fernandes, Filipe Teixeira, Marcel Pascual, Rui Freitas, Bruno Pernadas, Alexandre Coelho, Hot Club Orchestra, Nelson Cascais and André Fernandes.  Recently, he published “MIRRORS” (Live at Guimarães Jazz) and “AXES”.

“A contemporary writing with solid arguments led to a lively and enthusiastic performance that delivered the undeniable message of power and inventiveness. The articulation between Mortágua (alto sax) and Coelho (tenor sax) was impressive, especially in the introduction performed only by the two of them. The choice of sounds and effects by Moreira (guitar) revealed itself to be essential for the diverse chromatism of the music (…)”


2017 – Prémio RTP/Festa do Jazz  — Artista do Ano/Artist of the Year 2017