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Project Description

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Line Up:
João Barradas (MIDI Acc), Mané Fernandes (Gui), Eduardo Cardinho (Vib), Gonçalo Neto (Gui), Ricardo Marques (Bass), Guilherme Melo (Dr)


João Barradas HOME

João Barradas, born 1992, is one of the most reputable and accomplished European accordionists, meandering between classical music, jazz and improvised music. He won some of the most prestigious competitions and awards, among them the highly acclaimed Made In New York Jazz Competition where he won the Solo Instrumental Category as well as the All Category Award.

HOME  is a project led by João Barradas, accordionist and rising star of the Portuguese jazz scene. After his celebrated debut album Directions, this project unfolds with a musical style somewhere between jazz, improvised music and rock where the passion for complex bars really shows.

Featuring exclusively the MIDI version of the accordion, this project became a home to new concepts in the rich musical universe of João Barradas – where an ending does not necessarily means to stop but instead creating the possibility for new beginnings.


“Just Fantastic” – Randy Brecker.
Brecker elected João Barradas as the Winner 
of Made in New York Jazz Competition in 2016

“I regard João Barradas as a beacon in the future development of accordion as a serious instrument. He is a master of all styles from classical repertoire and is the most convincing jazz improviser I have heard to date on the instrument.” – Gil Goldstein

“Didn’t think it’d be possible on accordion! Check out João Barradas” – Walter Smith III

“Amazing Young Musician” – Joe Lovano.
Lovano elected João Barradas as the 
Winner of Made in New York Jazz Competition