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El Gòtic – Alexandre Coelho Quarteto

El Gòtic is the fourth album by Alexandre Coelho Quartet, led by Coimbra-based drummer and composer Alexandre Coelho.

It intends to celebrate the sensorial confluence in which a story, a place, a memory trigger sounds, melodies, songs in the imaginary. The synesthesia underlying this process is revealed not only upstream in the creative process but also downstream when the melody already triggers a story, a scenario, a chimera, a reverie or an illusion that in itself completes the process of creation.

Each song is a story, a journey made of places and people. In this sense, this album celebrates diversity and eclecticism. Without a doubt the flowering of a great harvest that is expected, year after year, to become a great Vintage.

Alexandre Coelho – Drums, Darbuka and Composition
Gonçalo Moreira – Piano
João Cação – Double Bass and Electric Bass
João Mortágua – Alto Saxophone and Ocarina

Composed and Produced by Alexandre Coelho
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Sérgio Valmont
Recorded at Grande Auditório do Conservatório de Música de Coimbra, Portugal,
on July 29th and 30th, 2019.
Graphic Art by Simplício Sousa and Mário Pereira


Buy album here: FNAC Portugal


Alexandre Coelho was born in 1979.
He’s a drummer and a songwriter.

He is passionate about intensity,
the surprising,
the unprecedented,
and the unfathomable!

He loves to play stories,
touch feelings…
touch people!
In 2015 he recorded seventeen songs over a weekend.
The Alexandre Coelho Quartet was born.
In 2019 the quartet recorded the fourth album.
It celebrates life, stories, and people once again!
El Gòtic!