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New release: “Triskel” – André Rosinha Trio (NIS0017)

“Triskel” is the name of André Rosinha’s third studio album. The etymology of the Greek word we today use, triskelion, is original from the Celtic culture, meaning three-legged.

Its symbol materialises in three lines that curl in a spiral from a common centre, forming a rosette. The movement created by the union of these threads refers to the idea of cycle, action and progression, also leading to the balance of the three fundamental elements of the Celtic culture: Earth, Water and Air; evoking as well the divine interaction between Body, Mind and Soul.

It is from this symbolic trinity of complement that the trio presents itself.

João Paulo Esteves da Silva – piano
André Rosinha – double bass
Marcos Cavaleiro – drums

Released May 26, 2022

All compositions by André Rosinha
Artwork: Leonor Castro
Mix and Master: Luis Candeias

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New Release: Isabel Rato Quinteto “Luz” (NIS0016)

Today we release “Luz” (NIS0016) by Isabel Rato Quinteto. The third studio album by Isabel Rato is deeply inspired by the omnipresence of impermanence of our current times, but also by a real hope for the present as well as the future. As a pianist, composer, arranger and producer in the realms of Portuguese jazz, her music visits musical universes ranging from jazz to traditional Portuguese folk music with deep influences of classical music.
The album features special guest appearances by vocalists Cristina Branco and Sofia Vitória as well as the Portuguese string quartet Quarteto Arabesco.

Isabel Rato – piano, synthesizer, composition, arrangements;
João David Almeida – vocals;
João Capinha – saxophones;
João R. Custódio – double bass;
Alexandre Ferreira Alves – drums;
Cristina Branco – voc;
Sofia Vitória – voc;

String Quartet “Quarteto Arabesco”:
Denys Stetsenko – violin;
Raquel Cravino – violin;
Lucio Studer – viola;
Ana Raquel Pinheiro – cello;

Join us tonight at 19h for the record launch at Espelho d’Agua in Lisbon!

Photo: Filipa Oliveira

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New Release: Beatriz Nunes – Paula Sousa – André Rosinha “À Espera do Futuro” (NIS0015)

À Espera do Futuro is the first record by the recently formed trio consisting of Portuguese jazz musicians Beatriz Nunes (voc), Paula Sousa (piano) and André Rosinha (double bass). The album contains nine original compositions by the three artists, combining their shared affinity for jazz, classical music as well as traditional Portuguese folk music.

The album À Espera do Futuro was written and recorded during the 2020 lockdown and reflects the various observations of socio-political phenomena emerging from the pandemic. The music is a result of a confrontation with conflicting simultaneous experiences, ranging from catastrophic to hopeful.

The trio premiered live in February 2020 in Potsdam, Germany and recorded their album in December 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Beatriz Nunes – Voc
Paula Sousa – Piano
André Rosinha – Double Bass

Recorded in Lisbon on the 26th/27th December 2020.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Luís Candeias.
Album cover design by Leonor Castro.

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New release: Alexandre Coelho Quartet “El Gótic” (NIS0014)

El Gòtic is the fourth album by Alexandre Coelho Quartet, led by Coimbra-based drummer and composer Alexandre Coelho.

It intends to celebrate the sensorial confluence in which a story, a place, a memory trigger sounds, melodies, songs in the imaginary. The synesthesia underlying this process is revealed not only upstream in the creative process but also downstream when the melody already triggers a story, a scenario, a chimera, a reverie or an illusion that in itself completes the process of creation.

Each song is a story, a journey made of places and people. In this sense, this album celebrates diversity and eclecticism. Without a doubt the flowering of a great harvest that is expected, year after year, to become a great Vintage.

Alexandre Coelho – Drums, Darbuka and Composition
Gonçalo Moreira – Piano
João Cação – Double Bass and Electric Bass
João Mortágua – Alto Saxophone and Ocarina

Composed and Produced by Alexandre Coelho
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Sérgio Valmont
Recorded at Grande Auditório do Conservatório de Música de Coimbra, Portugal,
on July 29th and 30th, 2019.
Graphic Art by Simplício Sousa and Mário Pereira

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Double Release: Old Mountain “Parallels” (NIS0012) and “This Is Not Our Music” (NIS0013)

We are thrilled to be announcing not one, but two records by the fantastic Old Mountain, a project led by musicians and composers Pedro Branco (guitar) and João Sousa (drums).

Check out how the duo has managed to create two stunningly mind-blowing albums in one year, each with very distinct sound characteristics and different guest musicians.

“Parallels” (NIS0012), recorded with Gonçalo Marques (trumpet).
More info: Old Mountain – Parallels

“This Is Not Our Music” (NIS0013), recorded with Nicolò Ricci (tenor sax), Mauro Cottone (doublebass) and George Dumitriu (viola).
More info: Old Mountain – This Is Not Our Music


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New release: André Fernandes’ Centauri – Dianho (NIS0010)

André Fernandes’ project Centauri will present their latest album Dianho tonight at Hot Club de Portugal in Portugal.
First set at 22h, second set at midnight! Join us at Praça da Alegria 48, 1250-004 Lisboa

More info on the album here: André Fernandes’ Centauri – Dianho (NIS0010)

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Isabel Rato – Histórias do Céu e da Terra (NIS0008)

Pianista, compositora, arranjadora e produtora na área do Jazz Português.

A pianista lança em Maio de 2019 o seu segundo disco “Histórias do Céu e da Terra”, editado pela Nischo Records.
O conjunto de canções que estão presentes neste seu novo trabalho têm o seu foco principal na Língua Portuguesa e no Jazz.

Isabel Rato tornou-se num dos nomes femininos mais destacados da nova geração de compositores portugueses na área do Jazz.

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New release: Carlos Martins – Sempre [Vinyl Edition] (NIS0007)

Originally recorded in 1999 to celebrate the Carnation Revolution that happened on the 25th of April 1974 in Portugal, the album SEMPRE is now being re-released as a special vinyl edition for the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the revolution and the 20th anniversary of the album.

Carlos Martins – Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone and Arrangements
Bernardo Sassetti – Piano and Arrangements
João Paulo Esteves da Silva – Piano
Mário Delgado – Guitar
Carlos Barretto – Double Bass
Alexandre Frazão – Drums
Miguel Gonçalves – Trumpet
João Ferreira – Percussion

Recorded in March 1999
Reedition April 2019 (vinyl edition)
(Nischo Records, under license Edições Valentim de Carvalho, S.A.)

Mastered 2019 by Rui Dias, Estúdio Mistermaster
Photos 1999 by Luisa Ferreira/ Photos 2019 by Vitorino Coragem
Graphic Design by Sónia Teixeira Pinto

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Announcement: The Rite Of Trio @ JAZZAHEAD

The latest addition to NISCHO’s artist roster THE RITE OF TRIO, will perform at Jazzahead in Bremen, Germany, as part of the European Jazz Meeting and they announce it via their Instagram:

This year, in Bremen, we’ll be playing on this huge showcase for international artists where giants such as Leo Genovese, Gilad Hekselman, Julian Lage, Kevin Hays, Shai Maestro, Kaja Draksler or Avishai Cohen have performed.

As you can read on the official page “it is THE most important meeting place for the international jazz scene”. And we’re proud to be there alongside Lisbon Underground Music Ensemble to represent Portugal. ▲

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New release: Eduardo Cardinho – In Search Of Light (NIS0006)

New release: Eduardo Cardinho – In Search Of Light (NIS0006)

Eduardo Cardinho – Vibraphone and Compositions
Ben Van Gelder – Saxophone
João Barradas – Midi Accordeon
André Rosinha – Double Bass
Bruno Pedroso – Drums

Ana Ribeiro – Violin
Miguel Simões – Violin
Joana Nunes – Viola
Fernando Costa – Cello
Igor Silva – Live Electronics

Released on Nischo
Apoio Fundação GDA

CD available at Fnac Portugal and by mailorder (hello@nischo.com)!

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