NIS0001 – Directions by João Barradas

We are presenting our very first release NIS0001 in collaboration with the New York-based jazz label INNER CIRCLE MUSIC, produced by the acclaimed Greg Osby: Directions by João Barradas. The 25-year old accordionist is already looking back on an impressive international career and has been recording his first album as leader and composer. 

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Kicking off

NISCHO is kicking off with signing two extraordinary artists and their first releases with us will certainly be mind-blowing. More info soon!

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Welcome to NISCHO

We are proudly announcing the creation of NISCHO, a new entity to promote unique artists and creative projects with characteristics that are far out of the ordinary. We want to offer a niche for artistic expression that is not easy to categorize. We will start working in the realms of improvised music but in the end, we want to think detached from genres and styles and be on the lookout for outstanding sounds, rhythms and textures. Welcome to NISCHO.

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